Monday, 26 April 2010

Carboot Tales & Further Adventures in Colour

Hello! Here are my findings from the weekend...

It was sunny and it was carboot-y, but and however, there were fairly lean pickings, (well, certainly compared to last week). Sometimes it's just like that AND I spotted dreaded hipsters. And then I have this awful sinking feeling of dismay that all the rows are being rinsed before I get there. GO AWAY, IT'S ALL MINE! Ahem. Aaaaanyway. Nice books! An elephant money box! Old fashioned white sandals for Iris! A cocktail shaker!

I also found a long green raincoat circa the 1970s and a yellow and black fold-up Formica table, (not pictured) both perfect for our camping excursions this summer.
My favourite things this week are...

This pale blue anchor brooch.

And these set of dice. I love the crown, and the anchor (again).

They came in this neat little box.

And here are a couple more colour collections that I am working on.

A close-up of Pink (for Alessandra and Anna)

And a rainbow. I haven't got the lighting quite right, and I also need to sort out the perspective. But still, endless fun, right?

Oh, and I'm trying out some ideas for a new header.

I can't resist a few more gratuitous blossom shots. It's too irresistible.


Zoë said...

i love that little picture and the elephant money box. i've never been to a car boot sale before! the ones around here are hipster central (shudder)

nice finds!

mama bear said...

Great finds Nath! Love those dice – surely they can be made into some sort of jewelry - no?

Loving your new colour collections too, that rainbow one looks great!

louloulovesbooks said...

I love your colour box creations. Splendid. It must be so much fun finding things to add. I agree about the's so hard to get right. And if it's a dull day, forget it. I think you may need a proper light. Or maybe make a light box. There are some 'how to' tutorials out there. I've been meaning to do one for ages but wellllllll you know! I struggle on...limp along..make do

p.s your new banner looks Amazing.

la casita said...

great finds Nath!
love the dices in the yellow box.
thanks for the pink box, the badge made me smile, it goes well with the pink!
X have a good day :)

Francesca said...

i was listening to the radio today and they were saying it's the most beautiful blossom in many years. today is the day to capture it!

that header is going to be great.

Jane O Sullivan said...

lovely lovely
I had the exact same anchor broach in red !

Verhext said...

oooh, i love the dice & the anchor. i also get that sinking and "shoo!" feeling when i see the hipster kids. what am i, 80?

Stéphanie said...

I love everything !

Alex said...

That's a hell of a haul - would love to see raincoat pics!

erika said...

Always so nice to see your collections!

Louise said...

very jealous of the anchor brooch and dice set. Hurray for anchors!