Friday, 23 April 2010

New in The Shop & Other Trifling Matters

We're all over our malaise now, phew and hooray. And looking forward to another sunny sunny (carbooty) weekend. Yes!

Excitingly there are a few new things in the shop.

And in other news. After a conversation with a real life trained proper photographer friend about my colour collections, I have decided to re-shoot them all. Yes. All.

You see, I would still really like to get some postcards and prints made. Unfortunately, the light in the original images was simply not good enough to do that. And I also had the bright idea to use my newly repainted letter press tray which gives it a more formal and curated vibe. Nice, no?

Now I find myself re-griped by a colour obsession and scouring the house for all things red, blue, green, yellow and orange etc.. I will show you some more as I go.

OH! And see the cherry blossom? It's just beginning, this tree was early, but round the corner are about 6 old cherry trees all in a line, and I can't wait for them to get their pom-poms on!

Have a jolly & sunny weekend!


Amanda Nicole said...

How perfect is that day timer?! Happy weekend.

mise said...

I love your colour collections, both the earlier ones and in the compartments. They speak to me of peace.

Rebecca said...

now those are prints that I would buy. I love order and collecting and repetition. yum.

la casita said...

oh those colour collection...beautiful!
and what about something in pink? please!
happy carbooty to you!

KERRY said...

Really loving your colour collections and new display idea. Look forward to seeing the results.

Francesca said...

oh yes yes very nice indeed. i would def love a postcard or two. have a lovely weekend. x

Clare said...

Yay to the colour collections!
I was inspired by you the other day actually. I inherited an amazing button collection and the first thing I was itching to do was to organise them on my floor in little colour groups! Such a satisfying activity.

Leigh said...

I love that calendar :)

Lovely World said...

How nice to make some cards from your collection photos! I have been making some color collections as well. The photography can be tricky - getting the color, dimension, and detail right. Good luck with the project!

Zoƫ said...

oh postcards would be the sweetest thing, you should!

ah i wish i had a house to put the lovely homewares from your shop in :(


Flora said...

The blossom! Our little fruit trees we planted last year are now all festooned in their frou-frou frocks. Don't care if they don't fruit, they just look so purdy right now.

And yes, tea with you and Iris would be most lovely this week... I'll phone x

Jane O Sullivan said...

"I cant wait for them to get their pom-poms on" ....I LIKE it nath !!
great work on the colour collections , pursue this they will be great as prints and postcards :)