Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Weekend in Pictures

Here I am again, thanks for all your wishes that I get rested after moaning yesterday, I sort of did, well, in that I went to bed straight after blogging, but man, I'm still tired. Aaaaanyway, I digress. It was a busy weekend, and here are some photographs from it!

Resting amongst the cowslips on Friday.

After the march on Saturday

The beach at Weymouth (still Saturday)

A walk in the woods after the May Fayre on Sunday.

The weather was alternately sunny and rainy. Very April-ish.

Peas growing at home.

And yesterday, I got THE nicest parcel all the way from America. It was from Tamera aka Verhext.
Everything wrapped prettily and chosen with care.

Tiny violet sweets!

A teeny greenish bird bell! Fancy tea with rose! An Elsa Beskow book! Tiny garlands!

Gosh. Isn't the interweb the friendliest place sometimes? It's really quite amazing. I was tickled pink. Thank you dear.

Right, time for bed, eh? It's a big day tomorrow!


kristina - no penny for them said...

aw, i can spot someone having a blast last weekend! hello iris!

and oh yes, tomorrow. i shall be reading the guardian all day long...

Hannah said...

Hello! Yes, I worry about David Cameron getting in too, I can't believe it's so close! My oh my.

The Ray Bans were £4.50! My heart did a little skip and a beat when I found them. The only reason I came across them in the first place was because I was hanging around waiting for this lady to come out of the changing rooms, who was taking her sweet, sweet time! But I guess I'm grateful to her now!

Would you look at your little trooper! What a cutie. And those tiny violet sweets look so lovely, and the packaging! I wish all packaging was still like that.

mise said...

It looks like a v. good weekend, worth getting tired for. Lovely marching Iris sure knows what to do with grass and cowslips.

christine said...

beautiful photo's, looks like a lovely weekend! super fantastic goodies that you received in the mail, as well!!!

Laura said...

Beautiful photo's, love the colours and Iris has grown so much, I am desperately in love with her cardigan. Not sure what's going to happen today, but I will be watching with interest. L x

Flora said...

What a jolly selection of pictures, making me feel reet jaunty, although no doubt that will wear off later - Isla has the chicken pox - early stages so she's perfectly chirpy just highly contagious. What to do with a child like that?!

millosblog said...

like your blog! its very interesting! :-)

TheMadHouse said...

I will be off to vote with the mini's in tow. I want them to know ho imporatant it is and I never went with my mum and dad. I have taken my mum this morning

I have to add that the veritification on this is Pubdomat, os that a new kind of self service laundrette with bear on tep!

mama bear said...

Lovely pictures or your lovely weekend. Hello Iris! You sure are a cutie. I love the pic of her on the grass, she looks so happy.

Those sweets make me think of Carluccios. Mmmmm... xxx

la casita said...

Oh how I love these pictures!
Iris made me giggle with her protest sign, she's the cutest protester ever!
And what a great sweet package you've got, the violet sweet... "le famose pastiglie leone" bring me back to my childhood and my beloved Italia!
blogosphere is a great place indeed, I agree!
goodnight my dear!

Laura said...

Look away those who are easily offended!
Natalie, this comment is totally unrelated to the post, but I just had to write. This week I have had a True Blood second series festival on the sofa. HOW? did you manage not to gleefully spill. I mean it has got pretty dark and I think H went a little pale at the 'lots of people naked in a field scene'. I'm off to watch the next one now. So glad that Sookie is having fantasies about Eric now and not Bill. Maybe after I have finished being a 'lady' I can hope on over to the south and start wearing waitress shorts. I think I could work it. L x
p.s. Just for the record he doesn't come close to Viggo, but then I think we may be in agreement there.

Louise said...

Ooooh, those sweets look delicious! My you have been a busy bunch x

Zoƫ said...

oh I want to taste violet sweets! they sound perfect! what a lovely weekend you had x

Alex said...

Oh those pastilles are my favourite! And I love cowslips... have you ever heard of them called peggles?

Damaris said...

lovely pictures. I love the colors

Clare said...

that parcel looks AMAZING, you are a very lucky lady.
Also re your much to do achieve nothing post, this sounds like my life. If you find the secret cure please pass it on!