Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Much To Do, Achieve Nothing

Right so, I'm, as is very (worryingly) usual these days, chasing my tail.

And I'm going to give you a peek inside my worrisome brain as it frets over all the THINGS I have to achieve
! Gasp at the audacious lack of productivity despite massive ongoing rollover to-do list! See the frustration at having ideas that can't be fully or readily realised!

Now add a dash of worry about my lack of enthusiasm for my 365! A hefty splash of concern that my blog is boring and moany (erm... yeah.. whoops..)! Then add in some domestic angst like why haven't we sold our house yet? Should we move somewhere else? Why is my house always so filthy? And before your very eyes there I go into a downward tail spin. It's most disconcerting.

Now here are some nice pictures.

I'm off to contemplate my navel, re-write my to-do list (again), unblock the kitchen sink and maybe, just maybe, get something of worth done today. Well, here's hoping..


Flora said...

Oh, and indeed, Dear. We are in a pickle aren't we. If it is of any help, you are welcome to come round to mine and look at the filthy and stagnant state of my workshop with it's endless pile of W.I.P.s and failed projects....

I suggest you lie fallow for a bit; absorb; recharge and marinate those ideas and all will come clear. Maybe. Otherwise, may I point you in the direction of CAKE.

BTW, thanks for asking, Isla is fine, over the worst of the pox, still a bit temperamental, but sleeping WELL, which can only be a good thing.

la casita said...

When I feel like that you know what I do?
I go to my local bookshop and start to look at art books, cook books, photography etc then I go to a tearoom order a tea and a cake and look at the old ladies there. I go back home do all the things I need/ want/ fancy to do and go to sleep.
The next day I start the changes from little things, little by little, no fuss no rush.
Let's not do the worries take over and give yourself a bit of rest...

louloulovesbooks said...

I love that your blog is 'moany'...it's better that it is real. There's enough Polly-Annas out there making us all feel inadequate.
As a fellow purveyor of belly buttons I would suggest Loud Music, a Long Walk, Hula Hooping preferably all at the same time.
A visit to the library can be helpfu, stop reading blogs (except mine of course) & if you can get any good quality street drugs you'll be up and running in no time at all.
Oh and I don't mean chocolate Quality Street, if you've got any of those left then you are a saint. Pop them in an envelope to me, there's a dear.

Anna Betts said...

Oh Nath.
I love your blog and your "moaning". But if you really want to see stagnant filth head round mine. I've been trying to finish coursework for my 2nd year deadline tomorrow and have been eating rubbish and not clearing ANYTHING up behind me. The flat looks like one of those places you see on Life of Grime.
I have, however, invested in some high waisted jeans to cover up my bulge. Now bring on the jam donuts I say! xx

suzie said...

Yup, in the same boat here, and recently had a moan-y post myself.

It's clear from the previous comments there's alot of us about, all feeling inadequate at the bloggers who trumpet loudly their arty/baking/parenting brilliance while we fester in our filthy metaphorical bathwater

Did you not hear? Procrastination is the new creativity, it's official :)

Zoë said...

your blog is hardly boring, i love the pictures, they're making me impatient for summer! and moaning injects a bit of realism into a blog, i hate seeing all these blogs that look like the persons lives an ideal life... it makes me jealous!

hark at me, online when i have an exam tonight.

good luck with that to do list!

mama bear said...

Nath! You are reading my mind.

Yesterday I actually had to get off the internet because I was feeling so guilty for looking at all the pretty things and not making any of the pretty things. As much as I love the bloggers that can raise 9 kids, sew for them all, grow a veggie patch, cook dinner and find awesome things at thrift stores, sometimes it's nice to have a bit of reality.

Clearly, I'm a moaner too.

And if it makes you feel any better, you do way more stuff than me. xxx

Francesca said...

love this and all the comments especially louise's 'get some good drugs' advice. come on, let's start a moan revolution!
i just read this post and felt physically sick:


i do love joanna's blog but not being american i cannot appreciate these things. i wonder if she will publish my comment? 'major'! i ask you.

nath said...

oh my goodness!

you and all your comments are brilliant! i have laughed out loud! wonderful. just what i needed. thank you so much.

and Anna? you have a tiny baby, the fact that you are managing to blog is completely amazing. i could only dream of string a sentence together let alone typing it as well, when Iris was as tiny as Rosie!

Flora and Alessandra, yes, (nods solemnly) cake, yes. it's true. most healing. would you believe i'm not eating wheat at the moment. but i am going to bake an almond cake tomorrow because i can't stop thinking about a nice slice of cake.

Lou! ha! hahahahaha!! you should have an advice column. there's real gold in there.

Francesca, good golly, those names! all of them! so silly. i would probably watch it though.

hurrah for moaning, eh?

Anonymous said...

Love the sunnies!

I know how you feel on the much to do and managing nought... I often feel like a hamster running fast in its wee wheel and getting nowhere.

If you find the solution do let me know! x

KERRY said...

Well, I'm a big fan of 'le petit oiseau'....always have been and always will be. Fact. I get nothing done, and am in constant turmoil over where to live/what's for the best etc etc...aaaahhh....life is a big fat bum sometimes! x

Francesca said...

oh my gosh! you're such a great mom!

louloulovesbooks said...

Just saw this and thought of you all


don't blame me if you spend the next three hours drifting through blogland, you'll only feel grubby in the morning

gini said...

BOnjour Nath!!!!!
we're very happy that you bought our cd!! thank you for supporting us!
(are you paulmachin on paypal?)
lots of love from Paris
gini !)
ps:great bLog!

gini said...

ps i Love your shop!!!!so many goodies!!!

Jane O Sullivan said...

.....just start somewhere and then when you are on a train of thought you will start to get little waves off stage of all the other little seeds of ideas which will consume your creativity and magic into your work and you will keep going ...always believe , trust trust trust your own inate intuition nath (oh and by the way when you are really ingrossed on a project , take a little break and get thee down to the post office with a certain something for ME xxxx

Louise said...

Good luck to you! And please report back on any navel-related conclusions xx

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Alex said...

My pal gave me a pad printed with "To Don't" with categories like, "to procrastinate" "to sabotage"

Still haven't crossed anything off it though!

Fine Little Day said...

I hope I will be able to do the same this coming week. Have neglected my to do list far too long. Lovely photos Nath, hope your weekend have been sweet.