Monday, 17 May 2010

Hearts and (Wild) Flowers

So, following Francesca's excellent suggestion, I got myself a we heart it account, you can find me here, I really like it, it's much nicer than tumblr, as it credits all the images for you, perfect those of us with um, lazy tendencies. I mean me, obv.

Thank you to every one who left brilliant advice and/or hilarious insight on my last moan, i mean, post. Much appreciated and re-read. I bought some liberty bias binding to cheer myself up. I might even *make* something with them, imagine! But stroking and admiring them has worked fine so far.

I am also giving myself a kick up the arse by reading this book.

*Gratutious mid-post flower shot*

Now, my gift to you are two eps that I can't stop listening to, Stridulum by Zola Jesus (who is supporting Fever Ray this summer) and Tremel by Glasser. Both strange, beautiful and amazing, do have a listen.

I lay in a lovely meadow over the weekend, surrounded by cowslips, bluebells..

And the odd orchid..
It was most restorative.

I would recommend lying in meadows to everyone. There was an entire meadow covered in dandelion clocks. The children loved running threw them.

After a giant flea market disaster (as in I couldn't go), I consoled myself with a carboot sale or two. More finds from them to come. I have spent an inordinate amount of time today re-threading a necklace I found over the weekend.

Iris pulled it a little too enthusiastically, and the thread snapped, but I did not. I have no idea why it took me so long.

However, I was feeling a little fraught after the third or fourth attempt. Then throwing caution and my to-do list to the wind, I re-threaded two other necklaces that had broken ages ago, it was quietly satisfying. The coral and gold one peeping out was my mum's, it's from the 1970s.

Crikey, this was only supposed to be a short post! Back soon!


TheMadHouse said...

Oh I am loving the bias Binding, very cool. I am off to look at Iheart this now

suzie said...

Yes, I'm on tumblr but it's really starting to get on my wick (inevitably) so perhaps I should jump ship to WHI too. Off for a nosey round it right now...toodlepip!

jane said...

the binding is so great, i want some! and those necklaces are lovely - great to keep them going like that too. I love the coral.

la casita said...

I bought some Liberty bias a while ago and guess what I can't use it ...they are too nice like that! but eventually I will...
oh that sound like you had a good time.
well done get rid of your to do list...I never do to do list as I never followed them they are just another way to restrict your flow of energy!

Becky said...

Love the meadow pics from a rabbit's eye view (i.e low down in the grass!), can totally picture I am lying there too, very calming!

anabela / fieldguided said...

That Liberty bias binding is so sweet!

Lovely World said...

Your sense of humor is coming through nicely on these posts! And the liberty binding and lovely meadow - heaven.

Francesca said...

i love your weekend. the meadows, the re-threading, the dandelions (love that shot especially) and the binding - so sweet. i am going to check out your heart now. x

Alex said...

Been lusting after Liberty bias binding for ever but haven't succumbed as I never knew what I'd do with it, other than admiring and stroking as you say... Let me know if you take the plunge in making something with it!