Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Treasure from The Giant Flea

The day of the Giant Flea (see here or here) came around again on Sunday, I met up with Katie and her pal Sasha and we meticulously stalked our prey (several times over). I already showed you the clothes I found but I also found some other things. Despite the cold, the drizzle and the covering over/packing up of stalls, we all came away with wonderful things.

The next one falls on the weekend of my long anticipated screen-printing course. The stars most certainly are not in alignment, I am seriously torn, I mean, how will I concentrate knowing it's the Giant Flea?

So, what did I get?

A locket and Puffin Club membership badge.

A gilt-y swallow brooch with a tiny green jewelled eye.

Eggcup twins. They each have a unique smile though.

A wind-up dancing doll. They were made for the 1980 Moscow Olympics apparently. Katie got one last time and I was so envious (in a nice way).

Three friendly fellows, they'd be only too pleased to help you with your drink! I saw one of these at a flea market earlier in the summer, and they were so expensive so I was extra specially pleased to spot this set at a most reasonable price.

A 1950s wooden flour store. And inside?

Two more! For sugar and coffee! Neat, huh?

This divided opinion, I just love the font and I think it's quite funny. I also think it's going to look great on the (new look) mantelpiece, with more graphics and typographic paraphernalia. What do you think?

A darling sewing box, to maybe, finally, keep all my sewing bits in one place. Hmm.

And a Victory Play and Learn puzzle tray. Sweet, no?

Some of these things will end up in the shop, maybe this week if I can find some time. Anything take your fancy?


Clare said...

I would love to see your house. It must be full to the brim of wonderful and interesting things.
You've just reminded me that I need a sewing box too!

Clare said...

p.s. I also tagged you for a blog award:

Kylie said...

Gorgeous finds! What a Giant Flea Queen you are! Thanks for showing these - made me smile :) K

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Gosh, what incredible stuff you find! I love those eggcups, I have some, and the jigsaw. My fave has to be the 2£ Fare sign - right up my street that!
Oh the wind up doll is really cute.

littlebyrd said...

It is ALL wonderful! I love the locket and the swallow bird so much - are those going to your shop? I think that sign would be very cool on a mantle, especially if you continue on with a collection of typographical stuff.

Flora May said...

I'm after a decent sewing box too. The sweet little tin that I'm currently using is so full to the brim of rickrack and trim and loose embroidery thread that I'm a bit too scared to open it...

A goodly haul indeed.

mieke willems said...

sweet the eggcups!

Meaghan Kelly said...

the egg cups and those tins for flour and coffee are by far my faves! wow these are fantastic finds!!! i'm off to check out your shop in case you posted them already!!!

Laura said...

I think that Puffin membership badge must have been waiting just for you Nath!

nath said...


Clare - my house is a teetering pile of stuff mostly. with pockets of calm and space.

Kylie - oh, i'm so pleased you enjoyed! and i love the title of Flea Market Queen! (curtsys)

Deborah - vindication! thank you! i love it and now it makes perfect sense on my mantel!

Rebekah - oh, now. i'm not sure that the locket or swallow will make it into the shop just yet. well, maybe the swallow will.

Flo - stand well back, you know it's gonna blow.

Mieke - i knew you would!

Meagan - argh, this week they will be, i promise!

Laura - you have no idea the wranglings that went on to secure that tiny little badge. it's hard-won alright!


Hannah said...

Nath i just gave you a kreative blogger award! I know you already received it but meh- i wanted to give it you anyway!!! (see my blog for details)

Fine Little Day said...

The sewing box and the drink fellows - wow.

I´ve been enjoying all of the lovely gifts from you Nath. I have to share them on the blog soon!

briannelee said...

I love that sewing box! I saw one similar at an antique fair 2 months ago and I really wish I bought it.

corine said...

I love everything you found, and look forward to buying them in your shop ;-)

Kaylovesvintage said...

I see you had a wonderful time...
love & want that 'Fare 2 Pounds'
no mail yet?

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Fab finds - but I'm most excited to see the little wind-up Russian tin doll! I bought one from a flea market in Bulgaria earlier this year, and was wondering about its origins. Amazed to learn they we made for the Moscow Olympics! xx