Monday, 22 June 2009

Giant Flea Market Finds

Excitingly, on Sunday, it was time again for the giant flea market. A date that has been feverishly and excitedly anticipated since the last one...

And it was good abundant fun, but for some reason, when we got home, I felt as though I had been weirdly and uncharacteristically restrained. Why? I don't know, I had money in my pocket (rare), an enthusiastic and worthy companion (Katie) and even no Iris (she was at my mum's) so I should've been verily laden down with much treasure, buying with complete abandonment. How very puzzling.

However, what I did find I love, and it was super-fun cruising round the hundreds of stalls in the hazy sunshine.

So - what did I get? C'mon, let me show you...

Brass fruits - for the shop

Sweet little egg cups - also for the shop

Funny little cat - he's made himself at home on Iris's treasure shelves.

A dapper bowtie-wearing puss - he's heading for the shop too.

A Nymolle-a-like plate - wish it was the real deal but still, it's rather lovely. I might put this in Iris's room, she already has a black and white Fiep Westondorp plate on her wall so I think this would go rather nicely.

A little flock of brass sparrows.

Wow, look at this - isn't it beautiful? It's like a rubiks cube.

Pair of Moomin Paperbacks, for the library of the future.

Two pieces of this groovy greeny fabric.

And this amazing apple and pear adorned hand towel. I wish I had metres and metres of this fabric - wouldn't it make a super-sweet beach cover-up?

So quite a lot? Or not as much as you'd expect? I have a few more bits but I'll do those later...


Donna said...

Wow you got some great things too Nath. There is so much stuff to buy isn't there? I get quite overwhelmed with it all and become dizzy! LOVE your handtowel fabric too!

Laura said...

Nath you are treasure hunter supreme! Well done for finding such great stuff.
I have been enjoying my parcel all weekend and had to post about it. After all I thought that it was only right that I share. It has made me smile all weekend and it was such a sweet surprise. Thank you x

artemis said...

I love your latest finds...but what astonishing co-incident, I have the exact same brass apple & pear! I still cant quite believe it, they must have been popular at some time. They go really golden after a polish with some brasso. We must have very same taste i reckon!
by the way, I love that fabric with the apples on it!!!

Flora May said...

Looks like a pretty amazing haul to me!

Margaret said...

What wonderful finds! I think Flea Markets are brilliant.

martha said...

thats funny i was so close to buying that green fabirc. im glad it went to someone who will love it though.

debbie said...

love your finds. that is indeed a rubiks pyramid isn't it? takes me back....

Meg said...

Fantastic finds! I am coveting your sparrows.

sweetsweetlife said...

Wow! I love that little plate and the egg cups. I don't know how flea-marketing usually goes, but I would be delighted with all this loveliness!

Flora said...

What brillo finds as ever!
Lovin those darling egg cups and Moomin books never fail to make me happy!
I have a set of those brass birdies on my mantelpiece too!
I also had a succesful sunday,although not a giant flea- would love to find one of those near me.
I've just posted about my finds-would luv to show you!

Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves said...

i want all of that!

littlebyrd said...

This is one of my favorite things ~ seeing what treaures other people have found! What a fun day at the market and such great items you took home :)

Velo said...

i like "a little flock of brass sparrows".
very nice stuffs... =D

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

great finds, indeed. i'd love the egg cups and plate for myself. i can envision the "library of the future" is very promising :)

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