Monday, 14 June 2010

All The Fun of The Flea # 2

So. Got up super-early to get to the Bristol flea on Saturday. Heaved everything down two flights of stairs into the car and then when we got there, heaved it all up two flights of stairs. Set up, broke a jug. And then discovered I had so much stuff that I couldn't get it all out!

It was a good day, steadily busy, and we passed the time between sales, people-watching, eating and um, eating. I even met a fellow blogger! Kerry from the seventy tree! It was fun and quite odd meeting someone who 'knows' you and you them, but you haven't actually *met*. But both she and her husband were totally sweet and charming and she even bought something for little Bertie!

Katie and I realised you get the same buzzy thrill when you sell something as you do when you find/buy something. Which, incidentally, is as about as addictive as crack.

Here are some photographs of the day..

Afterwards, we went to the Arnofini for some supper. Ending with this treaty plateful. Happy days indeed.


la casita said...

Ah nice.
And strawberries, meringue and cream? Ohhhh, I want that now!

la casita said...

And you look cool too! :)))
Thanks Katie!

KERRY said...

Aaah how nice of you. 'Twas very nice to meet you...and yes, rather odd...knowing snippets about each other's lives! Funny but nice! Glad you had a good day. That dessert looks so completely heavenly, I just called Dan over to show him...delicious! x

richelle jean said...

oh my gosh! that place looks so awesome I WANNA GO! and the last picture just looks yummy to my tummy.

The domestic novice said...

That pudding looks divine. I am now going to have to hunt for something sweet to eat. Curses!

Laura said...

Boy! Your stand looks good, so colourful. I have always loved those goose measuring spoons. And yes it must be addictive selling, but also really interesting seeing where your finds end up. Laura x

Jane O Sullivan said...

how much is the tablecloth ? much is the little suitcase with the games in it ?, I dont want the games !!! hee hee ....did you get any lunatics asking you ...oh where do you get it all , .....honestly I still really love buying and selling , and am afraid I too have the habit baddddd
nath , you are a natural , a real tonic.
I bet it feels good to get it out there . x

Louise said...

Oh, your pictures are so beautiful! I totally know what you mean about the buzzy sales thrill, which for me has become stronger than the finding thrill, as all purchases are now tainted with unemployed-graduate guilt. Glad you had a good day!

Ps. can I have your pudding?