Wednesday, 16 June 2010

New Treasure Finds & Summer Time Treats

I have spent the afternoon weeding, hoeing and eating wild boar sausages in the hot hot sun, I'm not complaining but blimey, I am feeling exhausted! Although, actually, I am complaining about pollen! Go to the bees and not up my nose! My hay fever is raging. It's a pain.

Anyway! See here! A big pile of new (to me) treasures!!

More books of course.

I mean, don't these shelves look like they need a few more books?

A jolly old jigsaw.

A nice old fat Pooh bear for Iris.

Tiny faded raffia sewing basket and babushka doll.

Some old bottles for my next flea.

After lunch today, Iris and I picked a good handful of wild strawberries from our garden and snaffled them with some strawberry ice cream. *YUM*

And now, finally, to bed. Hooray.


Laura said...

Natalie that book collection is pretty impressive. I could spend quite a few happy hours with those, and those strawberries look very yummy. just perfect for a hot Summer's day. Photo's looking fab by the way. L x

mama bear said...

Great finds Nath. I've never seen a Pooh Bear like that – he's awesome! x

maria said...

que bonitos libros!

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

i am loving your summer!!!! so delightful!!