Monday, 20 September 2010

New! {Vintage} In The Shop! Part 2 Or Is It 3?

I'm aware I'm being very shop-centric in my bloggings at the moment, sorry. It's just that having neglected it for so long, I really feel like putting it out there, otherwise, I'll have to get a proper job and lord knows, I don't want that. So, please, if you like what you see, will you tell your friends and generally push people my way? I'd be really everso grateful.

I have just put these two LOVELY Kenneth Townsend dishes (and the groovy girl tile above) in the shop this very afternoon. It was quite hard to do, I'd love to keep them, but now I'm all about the commerce, I just can't... So, off you go my pretties!

In other news, there was a hat festival here at the weekend, everyone looked so jolly and dapper.

It really made me want to make a bit more effort to wear a hat and suchlike. But I type this, wearing jeans and crumpled tee however, not dandified in the slightest. Tsk! Tsk! Do you have a favourite hat? This winter, I would like a felt hat with a wide brim that calls to mind Ali Macgraw in Love Story. You can see some nice examples here.

I'll be back later this week to announce a giveaway and also something exciting in the pipeline!


Flora said...

It was fun wasn't it? Your pictures make it look everso cool - I see my absolute favourite hat of the day is reflected in the menu board in the 3rd photo - my, she *is* a stylish girl!

Flora said...

That was not meant to sound sarcastic by the way!

wsake said...

same here with hats...i own a few but when i put them on - i take them off again on my way´s a shame.

maison marrakech said...

I just happened to pop into your blog by chance, and is lovely! I like your pretty items you sell.I might buy one :o)
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Best wishes,
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