Friday, 1 October 2010

The Box of Sewing Treasures

This week, I went to an *actual* auction house and left a few bids willy nilly and then promptly forgot all about it. Anyway, when I did remember, I rang up and found that three of my bids were successful! Lorks! So, now there's a very lean-y tower of boxes in the front room and much sorting to be done.

Amongst the lots were two vintage winter coats, a three piece suit, a real snakeskin bag, curtains, a rug, lacework throws and lots of other stuff including a lot of vintage sewing supplies. I will be adding some choice items to my shop in the next week and hoarding the rest until my next flea market excursion. If you spy anything you like here, then leave me a comment, in fact leave me a comment anyhow, I am greedy for your attention.

A hand-painted lid on a glass jar. It held some nice beaded trims.

Lots of embroidery transfers and dress patterns.

Fairly apt, no?

Love the brasserie repair set *so* much.

I really like the two black & white patterns, what magnificent looking women! You can see more at my flickr


Aimee said...

I love going to the auction rooms. I usually stay and end up getting carried away! I need a van really for some good bits of furniture they always seem to have.
Think I will be going more often with the carboots done.
Love the old patterns.

WSAKE said...

here´s a bit of attention - those things look amazing, i´m very excited to see them in your shop!

kristina - no penny for them said...

lol! that brasserie repair set is too cool! :)

and love that iris 'extra strong'.

p.s.: thanks for the nigel slater link - that cake looks AMAZING, plus i hadn't realised that the 2nd volume of tender had come out yet - so wohey!

Jane O Sullivan said...

dear nath
Please may I request the embroidery transfers , (especially any old letteringif you have any)
,I love those on your blog (for me me me)
Yes , it is lovely to get comments ,I wrote on my comments book last night I love comments , just to be clear as people are so darned uptight at openings and they dont realize how I will TREASURE the comments when all the show excitement dies down :)
B.t.w....I will visit one day ♥

louloulovesbooks said...

To satisfy your needless attention seeking I shall request the waspish waist on the simplicity pattern in the last pic. How dare they make those waists so small? Eating disorders are alive and well everywhere. And if I ever find myself in a 'sweet' bed jacket then I shall know it is all over.
Secretly well jell of all your booty. How much fun was it to open it all...

Fine Little Day said...

I have a little collection too of that kind of old thread holders. They are so beautiful. One should frame them or something. Treasures, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Quite a collection of dreams and nostalgia; bet they even smell good! (Like your triangles, and if I was a bit less poor than I am, I could easily picture them on the walls here. It's almoust algebra and math, probably a rare treat for the brain :)

la casita said...

that 'Iris extra strong' peculiar the coincidence ;^)
hi hi
beautiful collection
are you happy with my attentions?

(little cloudy will be posted on monday dear!)

emily said...

your blog is so so lovely! :)
i love all your photographs!

found and sewn said...

I love all the vintage sewing patterns.

Becky said...

Love auction houses too, but always scared about bidding on the day and that I'll get carried away, silent bids left beforehand are definitely the way forward, looks like you picked up some absolute treasures!

Jasmin said...

I love your new treasures - the vintage sewing goodies are so cute, especially those patterns!

Laura said...

Hello Lovely, you've prompted me to blog again. Thanks for the prod. What great treasures, particularly love the green thread colour. I always get nervous about auctions, leaving, and then thinking why did I leave that bid? But its good when you get a baargain. Hope you are enjoying the Autumn sun. Love Laura x