Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New In The Shop & More!

I have added a few new things to the shop - take a look and better still, buy it all. Not that I'm being bossy or owt.

In other news, I have been out for a walk searching for signs of Autumn. Yes, there is a tiny bit of Autumn. Can't wait for full all-colour woodland displays!

What else? Well, I watched Iris climb very high in a tree.

We played dress-up with her dolls.

And I got some parcels ready to post..

How has your first week of October been?


Fab said...

I love all the photographs on your blog. I was actually wondering, how did you get them to go all the way to the left and so large without overlapping your sidebar on the right? i've tried to expand the page on blog but whenever I make my images extra large they overlap my right sidebar! Thanks!

WSAKE said...

oh my....your shop is a real danger to my purse, i could resist the manicure set but i had to get the calendar...i wont be visiting again soon, i´m sorry, your collection is too tempting for me.

silverpebble said...

First week good. Sunshine, lovely colours, rather chilled out, plus ope fires in the evenings.

I agree with WSAKE, your shop should come with a warning - it's fabulous.

Becky said...

Loving the florals on those dolls!

britni @ Antika Moda said...

You have some really great things in your shop, and what a nice blog! I'm your newest follower ;)

Louise said...

mmmm, nice basket! Did any packages turn up as well, perchance? xx

petit fournil de paris said...

Wow, you Blog is so adorable!
I really love you header the "petit oiseau" is sooo cute. :)
These photos are amazing, I think you're pretty talented.

I would be glad if you take a look at my Blog and I'd feel so honoured if you want to follow me.
Lovely regards,

xx, Jana from petit fournil de paris.

Nell said...

The new things in your shop are very cool and there's one item in particular i've got my eye on. Have to get home from work first and the card will be coming out! Although there's about 5 things i could happily buy, my budget only just stretches to one...ah well! Your blog is so lovely and it sounds like your October has got off to an awesome start. I love the arrival of autumn, so we've been off on plenty of walks to soak up the brown leaves and autumn sunshine. Bliss! xx

Nell said...

ps. just bought the amazing cushion cover i had my eye on. I can't wait for it to arrive! xx

marie-louise said...

What a nice blog you have!