Tuesday, 12 October 2010

To The Market & Beyond

Right, where were we? I have been sucked into a maelstrom and a whirligig and find myself slightly bamboozled. Last week, I had some really nice things in the mail, that really, deserve their own post by rights. Thanks, Alessandra & Louise!

Here's a little look at what Louise sent me (read more on her blog).

I got a haircut, so please now enjoy this side view of my head.

I have been thinking of a sort of 1940s chin-length bob, (I'm growing out my fringe) which I can pin up on one side. I'd still like to go red. Really, really, really red. Iris had her hair cut too, mainly because she refuses to brush it resulting in epic battles most mornings. It looks nice, a neat blunt fringed bob. She has much better hair than me.

I went to a giant flea on Sunday and that was mighty fun. I bought myself a few choice garments perfect for Autumn/Winter and that made me naturally, rather happy.

There was lots of vintage furs for some reason (Winter coming?), I have a friend who wears vintage fur very well, but I don't know myself, which is kind of silly, cos I eat meat (now), I wear leather, I have sheepskin rugs.. Would you?

I also got some great fabric, and new things for the shop!

But now Iris has chicken pox, and we're very much in its all itchy wake. The poor lamb even has one on her tongue for goodness sake!

So, she's not in kindergarten this week, and the shop (shelves emptying fast, AMAZING!) remains un-updated, my flickr 365 lolls around uncared for, and (yikes) all my spare time is taken up with Twitter. I have rather fallen for it. Much to the detriment of everything else. Whoops. See you there?!

Oh and I must say, I am tickled pink to see that I have *200* no wait, *201* followers, that's really lovely and amazing. Thank you muchly. And hallo Bob!


anabela / fieldguided said...

That is indeed some very nice mail! And what a beautiful little girl! You have matching hair now.

Flora said...

You DID buy the crocodiles didn't you. Oh say you did.

She Draws said...

Yea, I am liking all the bobs.

I think I may have mentioned that to you before!

I am also having a hair crisis. It's a bob with a shorter bit at the back, but it's dying to go curly, so I just don't know what to do!!

P.S. I'm not expecting you to solve my hair problems, just letting off steam! haha.

Maggie May said...

those fabrics are so great! and love your hair:)

mama bear said...

I LOVE your hair. Having a bob is my favourite haircut ever. A red one even better. do it!

I have a vintage fur. I wore it in London once and felt a bit odd. but it's so beautiful. It's not cold enough for it here. And I'd be scared someone would throw red paint on me or something!

I hope poor Iris feels better soon. xx

Nell said...

Your hair looks awesome. I'm cutting mine shorter with every cut and i'm edging up to a bob...I'm thinking Claudia Winkleman-style, you know? Scary, but it looks so cool!
I lvoe the fabrics too. Love vintage fabrics! xx

Naomi Devlin said...

I love that lace collar with the button - very Mad Men! I'm seeing a little pair of glasses perched on the end of your nose and a very sharp pencil skirt.

Thumbs up on the hair - I think you should start dressing Iris as a mini-me so that you can conquer the world together...

About the fur. I used to wear vintage fur because I reasoned that it was wasteful not to - I mean, it's already dead and pre-loved right? But I now believe that you should treat fur like meat and unless you know that it came from an ethical source (is there one?) and someone ate the mink/rabbit/chinchilla in a stew, just don't support it.

Wearing any fur normalises it and that can't be a good thing. Sheepskins that came from a british farm and british leather shoes are a different matter, surely? If your shoes were made in a country without livestock welfare standards then I'd be cautious too.

Exhausting having a conscience no?

(see this is why I just can't get on with twitter...)

x xx

hiven said...


Becky said...

Love the opportunities for a wardrobe revamp that a change of season brings! Hope the chicken pox isn't too itchy for Iris, I remember having it as a kid and only finding any relief when in a bath with bicarbonate of soda.

Louise said...

I very much enjoyed seeing the side of your head, you have very nice coloured hair. I love Iris' bob, too, that's sort of what I'm aiming for with my hair, she looks so cool! Poor thing, I hope her scratchies go away soon. One on the tongue is just taking the piss! x

Marlene said...

beautiful hair color!

Fine Little Day said...

I do enjoy, that haircut looks great Nath :)

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

These pictures! The market looks lovely, I so want to go there!

Your hair looks great, by the way :) xx

julia - rockthathorse said...

Hello, you have a beautiful blog! Nice pictures and stuff. Will be back for sure. Best from Amsterdam, Julia

Louise said...

Boot sale snap! Must have been something in the air today. Glad you had such a nice time too! x

Francesca said...

hair? love. x

ps i must not get into twitter. i must not get into twitter. i must not get into twitter. i must not get into twitter. i must not get into twitter. i must not get into twitter. etc