Friday, 22 October 2010


Oh, how nice! Some new people over here, hello! *waves* Do budge up and make space for them. Thank you all for reading and commenting, old and new!

Speaking of old and new, here are some *new* *old* things in the shop.

I am happy to report that the cups have gone to a fine home, although they were going to emigrate for a while.

Oh! I have had some very cheery and jolly mentions recently including two happy giveaway winners, thank you very much Elisabeth, Deborah, Nell and Anna! I am going to be be selling some of my block printed illustrations soon, nicely mounted & ready to frame.

Finally, taaaa-daaah! I am very pleased and excited to say that my plates are currently on display (and for sale) at The Maisonette in Glasgow, which I am really thrilled about.

The plates look great with all the rest of their carefully chosen beautiful, covetable treasures.

Doing anything nice this weekend? We're going to a party!


zigsma said...

Hello! *waves back* Thanks for having me.

la casita said...

hI Nath, congrats...

Lizzie [Ten Thou Bride] said...

The plates are awesome! Your shop is so darling!

Becky said...

Love the anglepoise, and that plate is fantastic!

Nell said...

How cool to see my name up there. We've had lots of people round to our flat in the last week and every single person commented on the cushion. Awesome. And now I want that gold and red bird tin too...perhaps a nudge in my husband's direction is necessary and it may find its way into my Christmas stocking??
Lots of love xx

Flora said...


The cups and saucers are so truly gorgeous. But been too busy with lovely visitors this weekend to rearrange shelves to do them justice, so they are still carefully wrapped and packaged (and smelling deliciously of lavender!)

Hope you've had a good weekend too x