Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Talking as I was about getting nice things in the post. I was very happy to receive my copy of Yestreen, (incidentally, word fans, Yestreen means 'last evening' in old English which I think is so beautiful).

It is the debut record from Bearcraft. Bearcraft is my dear friend Dicky's band. And although I may be biased, I think he has made a really wonderful, beautiful record. You can listen to some of it here.

I'm so glad I bought a copy because it came with covetable limited edition artwork, done by another dear and talented friend, artist and illustrator, Jessica Akerman, you can see more of her work here. Also, she and Dicky have just had a very sweet baby!

Well done friends! Good work all round I'd say!


Nina said...

I'm still awaiting my copy from Play despite pre-ordering it! AAAggh. Looks like it's worth the wait though.

Jane O Sullivan said...

that is wonderful nath and I bet they appreciate your support :)
I am in the midst of making a limited edish of a zine which is collated of 14 song drawings (from the contributors of an art collective I am in) ...and I am putting them in 20 super cool 7" 70s-80's record sleeves.
Its been a challenge ! ...but I havent forgotten moneies to you dear little bird soon soon .

Lizzie [Ten Thou Bride] said...

beautiful album cover! checking them out now...that design is awesome!