Thursday, 2 April 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I found this photograph today in my favourite junk shop. Her name is Joan, and the photograph is from Christmas 1932. I love her direct unwavering gaze to camera and well, she's so beautifully turned out, who could fail to be charmed?

Finding Joan made me think of my own family and the ties that bind us. So I dug out a few old black and white photographs.

I wish so often to be able to spend time with my maternal grandmother, I called her Nan-Nan. She died when I was 11, shortly before my birthday as it happens, she was only in her early fifties, it was too soon.

Geraldine, as well as being a celebrated beauty, was also an incredibly talented woman, gifted in many areas, painting, drawing, growing vegetables & flowers, sewing and knitting. All the things that I aspire to achieve in my life right now. She made all her children's clothes, from when they were tiny babies, right up to making mini dresses when my mother and her sister were groovy teenagers.

I miss her a great deal. I think we'd have a lot in common and I'd love to talk to her about all the things I don't know about her and her life and tell her all about my own little family.

Here are a few photographs...

With my Grandfather, probably in London

With her son (my uncle ) in Sri Lanka

Don't they make an elegant pair?


Jane O Sullivan said...

thats a lovely post nath

Amber said...

These are wonderful photos. There is something special about old black and white photos. It makes me want to know hwo they are, where they lived, what they did, so many questions!
I love you scrabbble letter title too.

Fine Little Day said...

Sweet Joan :)!

Katja said...

I love old black and white pictures, they do feel really special.

Kaylovesvintage said...

oh yes your gran was a beauty

JFHA said...

Nath, this is a great post. How fascinating that she was so talented and in the same things as you! More family history please.

An Apple a Day said...

I love the one of her holding your uncle! She looks truly spectacular!