Monday, 21 September 2009

Bearcraft - The Werewolf

Today is an exciting one, my friend Dicky releases his debut single! His band is called Bearcraft and the single is called The Werewolf, it's perfect for an Autumn release, calling as it does on themes of paganism, the woods and English folk.

After buying the single (on itunes), why not watch the video here and have a little dance as you do so? (I just did). Isn't it good? Dicky is a fine fellow, he's good at knitting, playing cards and SIM City amongst many other things.

My friend (and Dicky's love), Jessica did the art direction on the vid and all the beautiful illustrations you see on his myspace page and beyond. They're a clever pair and no mistake.


littlebyrd said...

I will check it out! Always love new music :)

Meaghan Kelly said...

aww i love couples that are both artistic and collaborate with each other. It's so cool that his girlfriend did the artwork!
i'm definitely gonna check it out!