Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Colour Week

I am taking part in fall (Autumn) colour week over at Elsie Marley, except yesterday was so busy that I promptly forgot and so I am already behind!

Brick Red Monday

Burnt Sienna (a sort of reddy orange) Tuesday

Burnt Sienna (reddy orange) Tuesday

Goldenrod (warm deep yellow) Wednesday

Tomorrow is Chestnut - Laura you can't possibly be thinking anything rude can you?


Laura said...

Is it me or is that a little rude.

It's just me isn't it

nath said...

hmm, Goldenrod? you're not thinking of Eric again are you?

Carol said...

The dragons remind me of celebrating Chinese New Year in Thailand :-)


Francesca said...

loving that goldenrod! laura, you should be ashamed of yourself. x

Anonymous said...
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