Monday, 21 September 2009

Discovering The Past - Part 3 - The 1970s

So, we've had the 1940s, the 1950s, don't quite know what happened to the 1960s, I'll have to check the family archive. But, here are few photographs of me (narcissist, eh?), my mum and aunt from the 1970s.



Me aged 4 months.

Groovy buggy and sunshade.

I'm just glad that this photograph exists, for oh so many reasons.

I see Iris here.

All my clothes were made by my Nan-Nan. I WISH I still had all of them
(just what happens to these things? do you think it's still out there somewhere? I don't know what my mother was thinking!), but in particular this yellow deer cardigan.

This concludes the peek into my family and our past, well, until I find the 1960s of course.


Grace said...

wow! Iris really looks like little you! x

Laura said...

Oh my! how cute, and I love that beautiful deer cardigan. I wonder where it is?

Flora May said...

I'm definitely seeing Iris there! And as for the dear little deer cardigan...

littlebyrd said...

Beautiful!!!! I am really really loving all of these photos. Please find the 60's!

Anonymous said...

The yellow deer cardigan is beautiful, I had something along those lines I think it was red, white and black with poodles. I think a lot of children had a jumper with an animal on, there were some very skilled knitters back then.

mieke willems said...

that's nice to see!

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

I love these old pics - you might see a pic of me from the mid-70s coming up on Wee Birdy soon. xx

Naomi Devlin said...

wow, your mum's legs!

You and Iris are so similar it's incredible.

finally, we had one of those red buggy covers for my little sister Tash. It was all rubbery inside like an old style cagool and I used to twizzle it between my fingers as we walked along - much to the annoyance of Tash as she tried to get some shut eye with a loud rasping noise next to her ear. Aah the 70's eh?

nath said...

Grace - it's funny, eh? most of the time i don't think Iris does look like me, then i look at these photos and it's unmistakable!

Laura, Flora, Adele - i lament that deer cardigan.

Rebekah - i will unearth the 1960s! i will!

Mieke - thanks! glad you enjoyed!

Rebecca - oh do! i'd love to see that!

Naomi - my mum won best legs in the Southwest with those pins. they're pretty impressive.

Iris and i share a haircut still - it seems.

and re the red buggy cover, that made me laugh out loud! bring back the 1970s i say!

Leigh said...

These area all so sweet and so nice that you have them! My mom made a lot of our clothes, matching dresses for me and my sister, so many of them too. But she gave them to a needy neighbor who had 3 or 4 little girls. My mom later regretted it, but at the time she knew what it meant to that woman. She kept one really fancy dress she made for my sister, but that was it.

Inspiration Resource said...

wow that porsche!


These are cute photos! :)