Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Paper Dreams Tied Up With Bits of String

*Don't forget that there's a festive discount of 15% in both of the shops! For vintage goodness, go here and input this code - lepetitchristmas or if you fancy a jazzy plate to put your Christmas dinner on then hop over here and I will refund the 15% via paypal.*

But! Be quick if you want a plate as they're all going to be whizzing off somewhere very exciting, I'm going to be telling you all about that very soon. Promise!

In other news, I am listening to this record a lot, it's childish and sweet but spooky and odd too - I particularly love Spin Spider Spin. You can read more about it here at Trunk Records. It'd make a sweet stocking filler!

And I've been busy, snipping and folding up paper to make a garland, it hasn't really worked, which is annoying, so that's hanging up looking a bit forlorn and abandoned. I'll have to re-thread it. Again.

I know the photograph is desperately out of focus. But I kind of liked it anyway.

And newly customised plates!
My plates were mentioned here on the beautiful fine little day and here on a new-to-me blog called so happy kids (thanks to P for the tip-off). Thank you both!

Found a new (to me) lampshade in a junk shop. £1.

And today, I have been ordering business cards and thinking hard about my contribution to this - due the day after tomorrow, eep! *Cue last minute panic*


Fine Little Day said...

Good work with the plates Nath! The junk shop lampshade looks really nice too.

Annie said...

ooo i'm dying to see what the garland looks like, your lovely out-of-focus photo is so cool!

TheMadHouse said...

I am liking the lampshade lots and lots

Leigh said...

Your new plates look great and I love that out of focus picture! Looks like we're moving to London in February, so hopefully I'll get to meet you in person sometime after that. :)


Love the plates...visual delights!