Monday, 7 December 2009

Three IS the Magic Number

Well, Iris's third birthday was a runaway success. There was copious cake and jelly and fun. Phew. Now I just have to get through Christmas.

Here are a few of my favourite photographs from a rather epic weekend...

Sporting the birthday crown at breakfast time.

A rare glimpse of the sun on Saturday morning.

Leaving up the play tent indefinitely.

We spent a long time today making thank you cards. Iris made all the geometric ones herself using some stickers I bought from a stationers. Aren't they good? I rather love them. And I also like the ones she painted on too (mixed media!)

Now this week, I have to get back into doing some of my own work and I also have a chance to get my plates stocked somewhere really really terribly exciting. I will reveal all when it's been made a bit more official. FINGERS CROSSED.


Fine Little Day said...

The paper clipping looks so fun and nice. Looking forward hear the news!

Thanks for the book tip Nath, it looks like a book I would enjoy.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday sweet Iris. Hope you had such a wonderful day.
You tease!
Am busy thinking about all the things it can be, but I think I may have a little inkling.
Love, Laura xxx

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday to Iris:) It looks like it was a good birthday!

I love the thank you cards! They're brilliant.

I'm looking forward to this reveal!

Annie said...

happy birthday iris! love the snowflake garland, i'm such a sucker for anything on a string!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Looks and sounds as if she had a wonderful day! Love the snowflake garland too, and curious to know where your plates are going to be!

TheMadHouse said...

Looks like Iris had a good day the minimads have the same tent!!

She is obviously artistic too, like mother like daughter.

Good luck with the new venture

Flora May said...

Yes it was indeed wonderful - I can't believe you haven't put any pictures of the awesome wobbly rabbit jellies up! Thanks again, the girls had a blast - they all looked so sweet tucked up in Iris's bed at the end.

I am very excited to hear about your plate news!

Flora May said...

Oh, and we got those stickers the other day too - I immediately thought of you when I saw them!

Naomi Devlin said...

I'm glad that Iris had a great birthday. It all looks beautiful - especially the little felt flower fairy. Excited on your behalf about the plates, fingers crossed. x x x

littlebyrd said...

Happy (late) Birthday to Iris! 3 IS a wonderful and magical time :) Sounds like you may have some other exciting news regarding your plates. Looking forward to it.

the letters i wish i'd written said...

Oh a birthday crown, for a birthday Princess, deeeelightful!

Grace said...

Hi nath,

Did you see that one of your plates was on this blog?


Alex said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Iris!
Love her thank you cards, charming!

sara said...

we also have a tent like that! love your paper clipping!

erika said...

Looks like a lovely party and a very happy 3 year old! Congratulations!!!