Friday, 4 December 2009

Happy Birthday Eve

Still busy busy with preparations for Iris's third birthday tomorrow. I have been making and wrapping things all week in the hope of staving off a last minute panic.

This morning, I'm planning to hide myself in the kitchen and get on with some serious baking. I hope it lifts my mood, I have been feeling very blue all week.

It hasn't been the best of weeks, our water tank sprang an expensive leak, Iris threw my camera on the floor yesterday and it's totally broken. There's more but perhaps it doesn't do to bang on on one's blog. In a word, HRUMPH!

But even through my Eyore-ish gloom, I am excited about tomorrow!

I can't wait to see her little face!


Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

I hear you on the 'feeling blue' bit, but it sounds like you're working really hard and keeping yourself busy.

Hope Iris's birthday is a very happy one, try not to stress over it. xx

Flora May said...

that first photo is such a killer - i love it!

Hope your cloud lifts soon xx

TheMadHouse said...

Bang on all you like!!! Here hoping for a bami filled birthday fest. Enjoy!

Conversation Pieces said...

Aww happy birthday to Iris... ouch to your camera though!!

ktharmonica said...

darling, please can we speak soon. you've got a very busy weekend ahead so maybe sunday night when it's all over, or beginning of next week? i can't bear it that you're blue. thinking of you, love the pics, as always xxx

JFHA said...

Oh poor Nath! Hope you're out of the bluedom. Here's a virtual stroke on the forehead - there there. Hope today goes well and that Iris got our gift. xxx