Friday, 26 March 2010

scenes from my week

I am gripped by the urge to spring-clean at the moment. I have cleaned out all my kitchen cupboards, rearranged my mantel, tidied my studio and had everything out of the shed.

Out with old, in with the new, or in with the clean. Although, Spring has been put on hold by a week of rain, rain, rain. It's raining now.

So it has been good to search out fun, colour and sunshine where we can.

Actually there's not much else to report, I have some ideas percolating, ideas for drawings and makings but it has all taken a backseat due to this cleaning frenzy.

That's okay though, sometimes I think it's good to let things properly come together in your head before you put them to paper. Or maybe this is another strain of that cursed affliction, procrastination. Hmmm.

This weekend will hopefully bring a few treasures, some nice grub (I am slowly starting to want to cook again after a hiatus at the stove, do you ever get that?) and some time spent outside with not too much of the aforementioned rain.

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Happy weekend times to you all!


TheMadHouse said...

I love the idea of letting thoughts a nd ideas perculate rather than procrastinate. I also wish I had a bit of the spring cleaning feever going on, but it has taken me nearly three weeks to get over this dreaded flu.

Enjoy your weekend

meg said...

I have been gripped by the idea of spring cleaning, but haven't done a thing about it. Maybe all this crossing my fingers (hoping I win that giveaway of yours) is holding me back!

Flora said...

Smashing pics. I might need to re-read which camera you got in the end. Ours has died, along with the printer and scanner in a bizarre 3-way hardware suicide pact. Makes blogging awfully hard.

And Zoinks! I had completely neglected to enter your super soaring giveaway. I shall amend that forthwith xx

la casita said...

happy spring cleaning!
I prefer to think that ideas needs a lot of time before they materialize into something...the cleaning it helps that process!

design traveller said...

My spring cleaning is almost done :)

Francesca said...

are those slipper socks iris is wearing? so sweet. always love your pics, so real. x

Alex said...

I'm on a cleaning frenzy too... and am currently glad I only have a 1bed flat!

Becky said...

So cheerful, especially the daffodils. I'm hoping the rain stops soon too, though when it clears and the sun comes out over rain-wet grass it somehow makes it all worth it!