Monday, 31 August 2009

Flea Market Fashion

I have lots of new (to me) vintage clothes to show you. Yesterday I went to the Giant Flea and picked up some more (amongst other treasures).

1) a silk Jaeger dress, from the 1980s judging by the shoulder pads (which, incidentally, I am loving).

2) a midnight blue wool skirt (fits like a dream) - I haven't photographed this as I need to sew some ribbon in it so it can be hung on a hanger.

3) a 1950's two piece, a dress with a little jacket, (shown here without jacket). This is too big, but I am desperately in love with it and want to wear it.

4) a wide emerald green leather belt.

5) a lace trimmed slip

6) a 1960s green skirt
(I gave this to Katie as it was too small for me, and I didn't take a photo, oops).

5) a little pinky floral blouse

6) a 1930's style tea dress

7) a 1940's-ish polka dot day dress - I haven't even tried this on yet.

8) an abstract floral sleeveless blouse - a good layering piece I thought.

9) a buff-coloured lace blouse.

10) A fabulous electric blue bathing costume. What a show-stopper this is. The colour is amazing.

11) A sheer-ish ruffled neck blouse, which is too small for me, but I thought it'd be a lovely thing to keep for Iris to wear some day.

I got all of this for £27, which is pretty amazing. Although some things like the 1950s two piece were given to me (but that's another story).

Now having all this newness flooding into my wardrobe (see above) should mean that I am never struggling for something to wear, right? Wrong.

I am really struggling to put things together, (this happens periodically to me, things that I have been loving and wearing, suddenly seem not to fit/look right/work) Does this happen to anyone else? It's maddening. And my new haircut is not helping! It seems not to go with most of my clothes. Argh. What to do?

I'd love to have a big wardrobe crit with someone. Anyone?


Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

i'm seriously drowning in jealousy. every item is such an investment.

it's only normal to experience "fashion block". i put together things unexpectedly well when i wasn't really trying at all. as for having hair that goes with your clothes, i'd say it's along the same line? i do get you and i'm not saying you shouldn't have to try too hard. maybe you can use this time to try something un-you? ;)

hope i made some sense there.

littlebyrd said...

I love your new items! The dresses are just incredible!! Yeah, I have that happen many clothes and nothing seems right. I don't know why that is. And then one day you wake up and it all comes together again. Maybe browse through some online catalogs like toast and jcrew and see the outfits they put together - that seems to inspire me sometimes.

Laura said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Nath how do you manage it? I am struck green with envy, how wonderfully interesting and beautiful your warddrobe is. I, however, will be no help whatsoever with your dilemma as I currently seem to put on what I wore yesterday as it takes no time. I must stop this soon, or at least before I start to smell. x Swimsuit and the green belt are my favourites.

Amanda Nicole said...

You've got some truly amazing finds here! I think my faves are the green belt, the polka dotted day dress with the wonderful rolled sleeves, and the last white blouse.

I know what you mean. I get tired of my wardrobe every other month, it seems! I find it helps to do a little fashion show for myself, where I take pretty much everything out of the closet and make up new outfits and combinations I haven't tried before. It makes things feel a bit more accessible, or something :)

Kickcan and Conkers said...

What amazing finds nath, so cheap too! I love the tea dress and the lace blouse. The fifties two-piece looks like the kind of thing I used to wear in my Oxfam-Shelter shop uni days in the UK - fabulous fabrics. I tend to stick to similar colours now, blacks, greys,browns). I mix vintage with new and sometimes, if I just buy one item, I end up with loads of new outfits/combinations.

Baglady said...

Loving that Jaeger dress and the leg line on that swimming costume. Very cute and retro.

I went to an 80s festival two weekends ago (Belinda Carlise AND Billy Ocean in one place at the same time. I am surprised that the world didn't explode) and I much admired people who dressed properly 80s. Fluorescent pink, no, shoulder pads and shiny suits, yes.

artemis said...

What a wonderful stash of vintage clothes you have there! i love them all!

I agree about trying to find things that go together. i find that if I'm in a bad mood, or my hair is in a bad mood, then its hopeless. Sometimes, when Im feeling good and did something nice with my hair, then I get out all my clothes trying stuff on, and make a note of what went with what. Then in the morning its much quicker to put something on! Lock the door, put on some loud music and get in front of a floor length mirror, yay!

lauren said...

that bathing suit alone is worth the price of everything combined! well done!

nath said...

wow - thank you everyone! you're renewing my hope that i will find something to wear tomorrow morning. i'll let you know how that goes...

chelsea said...

Swooning over the second dress and that bathing suit? Oh goodness it's lovely!

anabela / fieldguided said...

Oh! I adore the swimsuit! I only had ones from the 1980s-1990s to choose from, really -- the older gems are so hard to come by!